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WWDC Conference Kicks Off Tomorrow – What Will Apple Show Us?

On Monday, the WWDC Conference kicks off and as is always the case, all eyes will be on Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Monday at 1:00 p.m. EST as it presents what is believed to be an updated iOS, a revamped line of Macs, and possible iRadio.


There are very few people who don’t believe that iOS will have a flatter, more minimalist design. Expect to hear that the cartoon-style graphics are likely a thing of the past. Apple’s hardware design has always been simple and elegant and now, the operating system is likely to match.

Updated Apps- Does anybody actually use the Apple weather app? It’s ugly, non-interactive, and way outdated. The Weather Channel app, by contrast, provides a beautiful visual experience that makes the actual weather secondary. Apple might be updating the app to make it more visually stimulating.

It might announce that the maps app is updated to the point where people might use it but unless it’s amazing, there’s little reason to use anything but Google maps–at least for right now.

Filters– In an update to its camera app, you may be able to apply cool looking filters to the pictures you take. If that sounds a little Instagram-so-six-months-ago, you’re right. That might be why some of the Apple executives aren’t on board with this idea.

The Mac Line

Don’t look for anything ground-breaking. Apple is rumored to be revamping it’s mac line to include more retina displays, slightly thinner and lighter, and an update to its OSX operating system. If it does announce an OSX update, don’t expect it to have the same modern look as iOS. The cartoon graphics will stick around for at least one more update.


Now that Apple has reportedly reached an agreement with all of the major record labels, iRadio looks like a go. Apple is a little late to the party with streaming radio but it would bring iTunes more up to date. Investors will look for a unique Apple twist on the streaming radio concept. Without it, consumers will likely remain happy with Spotify and Pandora (NYSE: P)

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Tim Parker was long Apple.

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