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WWDC Conference is Apple’s Chance to Make Positive Headlines

On Monday, Apple’s WWDC Conference will kick off. The company will use this conference to retake control of the media but this time in a positive way.

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) may not play well with the media but it knows the game well. After a year of a plummeting stock, tax questions, labor disputes, and being roped in to the government spying scandal over the weekend, it knows that the more it can put in front of the media, the less reporters will focus on the negative issues.

What will the company focus on starting tomorrow?

iOS– Expect to see Apple’s mobile operating system unveil with a major facelift. The design will be very minimalist just like Apple’s hardware design. Less is more to a minimalist but don’t expect stark, ugly colors.

Apps– Many of the apps Apple users have used for years haven’t changed. Now’s the time. The Apple weather app is about as exciting as the maps app when compared to The Weather Channel app. Expect that to change.

Macs– Expect an announcement of refreshed macs. Thinner and more powerful but compared to the iOS updates, the mac refresh will be minor.

iRadio– Apple finally struck a deal with all of the major labels making iRadio a reality. Apple may be late to the party on streaming radio but with a new Apple twist, it could be exciting.

API– For developers, the ability to create apps for Siri, Apple TV, and other products would be a dream come true. For consumers, more functionality for Apple TV would make it far more useful. And for Apple, sales will increase.

WWDC conference starts Monday. Until then, it’s all rumors and speculation.

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Tim Parker was long Apple.

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