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World Wide Developers Conference 2013 May be Huge for Apple TV

From words to graphics to little electronic parts coming out of overseas manufacturers, people scrutinize everything Apple does and the World Wide Developers Conference 2013 is no exception.

One area of speculation is the logo itself. Forbes believes that the logo looks a lot like the Apple TV. Don’t confuse that with the highly mythological, much anticipated, iTV that everybody hopes is actually real. This is the already-on-the-shelves Apple TV.

It could be a refresh of the current model that Apple has always called a hobby but what is more likely is that Apple will open the Apple TV to developers. This would make World Wide Developers Conference 2013 quite an exciting event that puts dollar signs in the eyes of developers.

Anybody who has an Apple TV knows that it’s a great tool for streaming media from Apple devices but it falls short of the “wow” experience that comes with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Even the user interface is boring and far from a visual experience.

Apple clearly doesn’t regard developing this device a priority but opening it up to app developers would change that, Forbes argues.

Would this be as game-changing as announcing a new iPhone? Hardly, but it’s another way that Apple can mitigate the rush of negative headlines that has surrounded the company of late. Apple needs that desperately.

World Wide Developers Conference 2013 begins Monday.

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Tim Parker was long Apple.

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