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Microsoft To Kill Internet Explorer, Create New Browser

Reports are coming in that Microsoft is planning to kill off its Internet Explorer browser and introduce a new browser with the updated features that customers want in an internet browser. The new browser is currently code-named Spartan while it is in development. It has been speculated that Microsoft intends to launch the new browser when it releases Windows 10. Little information has been released about the creation of the new browser thus far.

If the reports are valid, the new browser will be the first new browser created by Microsoft in nearly two decades. Internet Explorer was first introduced 19 years ago as part of Windows 95. The browser enjoyed a considerable run as the world’s dominant desktop web browser until that position was overtaken by Google Chrome in 2012. According to a report from StatCounter, in November 2014, Chrome had 52 percent of the world’s internet users using its browser while Internet Explore commanded a 20 percent market share.

According to a report from ZDnet, the new browser is not based on Internet Explorer at all. Instead, the new browser will look more like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browsers. The new browser will reportedly use Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript and Trident engines. It has not been disclosed whether the new browser will work on rival operating systems iOS or Android. On January 21, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella will be holding a Windows 10 keynote presentation and it is believed that more information about the new browser will be released then.

According to ZDNet’s sources, Spartan may not completely replace Internet Explorer when the desktop and mobile versions of Windows 10 are released. The current preview builds of Windows 10 include a desktop version of Internet Explorer, but that may change as the development of the new browser proceeds. Because Windows 10 is being designed to run across a wide range of devices, it stands to reason that the new browser will be designed that way as well.

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