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Disney May have a PR Problem on its Hands

The greatest place on Earth has a controversy on its hands. It doesn’t seem like the biggest of deals on the surface, but this is one of those relatively small stories that could easy become a media frenzy if left unchecked.

Wednesday Martin, a former New York Post contributor and social anthropologist was conducting research for his upcoming book, Primates of Park Avenue, due to hit the shelves in 2014. During his research, he uncovered a scheme used by a small number of wealthy Manhattan moms.

Everybody hates the lines at Disney World. Everywhere you go, there are people. There’s no hopping on a ride. Standing in the lines for sometimes more than two hours can eat up much of your fun Disney day. But if you’re one of these Manhattan moms, you hire a disabled guide at the bargain price of $130 an hour to take you through the park.

Disney has special entrances for many of its rides for those who are handicapped or have special needs. Those entrances allow that person plus five of their family or friends to enter through that entrance essentially jumping to the head of the line. Some would call it a brilliant plan while others would ask, what kind of lesson does this teach children? However you come down on the moral side of the debate, Disney isn’t too happy.

On the other hand, it’s nothing new. Sadly, Yahoo! reports that parents have asked Divamoms website operator Lyss Stern how to make their child appear handicapped in order to bypass lines. Others, who are granted special access because of disabilities like ADHD, sell those passes on eBay and Craigslist.

Disney says that it will investigate but what seems clear is that even Disney has an underground money-making scheme.

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Tim Parker had no position in any of the stocks mentioned.

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