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Apple Stock Recovers After Bug, Bendable Phone Mess

Apple Although there was high expectation with the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone Plus, and iOS 8, Apple has been plagued by problems pertaining to bugs and bendable devices. As a result, the company’s stock has been on a major rollercoaster ride.

Over the past week, Apple employees worked around the clock in an effort to correct the problems but not knowing if additional issues will arise, there is concern of the company having lost its operational edge.

Because of the botched release of iOS 8.0.1, the most recent version of software that runs on both the iPhone and iPad, shares dropped almost 3%. This release was designed to correct the problem but instead, it created new ones. The other big challenge for Apple is that because of materials used in the design of the iPhone 6, the device bends.

While some financial experts have growing concerns, Apple rallied to an almost 2% increase in shares this morning, this after the company took an aggressive public relations approach in addressing the bending issue.

A statement was released to CBS MoneyWatch and other media outlets claiming only nine customers had reported the problem and that in fact, the iPhone 6 was highly engineered and sturdy. Apple also invited a few select media to visit the facility where 30,000 iPhone devices were tested.

After problems with connectivity and the Touch ID feature, the iOS 8.0.1 software version was pulled and a temporary workaround solution offered. This latest release was developed to fix earlier problems relating to poor battery life, HealthKit incompatibility, and compromised WiFi performance.

Although Apple rebounded in today’s market, overcoming customer and investor concerns may not be as easy as in the past. For instance, the iPhone 4 was notorious for having receptive issues when held in a certain position. To boost confidence, the company at time invited select press to the private testing facility just as it did today.

Apple has experienced a list of additional problems to include the hacking of iCloud over which photos of nude celebrity were circulated, the mocked flop of the $100 million promotion of U2, and the Apple Store website crash due to an overwhelming response to the iPhone 6.

According to insiders, all the recent Apple problems combined could be a sign that Apple has lost crucial control over both engineering and quality. Even with the Public Relations team pushing back some of the criticism, investors worry there may be more to come but most importantly, they question if publicity efforts are enough to help Apple in a highly competitive marketplace.

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