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Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.: Up in Mid-Day Trading

Accelerate DiagnosticsShares of Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc. (NASDAQ: AXDX) rose in mid-day trading 4.72% to $27.17, a 122.66% increase year-to-date. For the past 52 weeks, trading ranged between $11.01 and $31.86 a share. Some analysts believe the steady climb of Accelerate stock is related to the ongoing and increasing battle against the Ebola virus and the technology platform provided to win.

Overall, technology stocks advanced 0.2%, more broadly with NASDAQ climbing 0.1% and both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 at 0.2%. Accelerate Diagnostics, which was formerly called Accelr8 Technology Corporation, focuses on developing and commercializing instrumentation for quick identification, as well as antibiotic susceptibility testing of infectious pathogens.

Primarily, Accelerate Diagnostics works on developing a rapid diagnostic platform known as the BACcel system. This system is intended for fast diagnosis of bacterial infections that can prove fatal by applying technology that eradicates the culturing of bacteria, which in turn eliminates the source of delay pertaining to testing methodologies.

Using bacteriological testing principles coupled with Accelerate Diagnostics’ technology, the BACcel system has the ability to make adaptations to analyze live bacteria extracted directly from a patient. The responses of the live bacterial cells extracted from the specimen are then measured with an automated digital microscopy and compared to different test conditions.

With the Ebola virus outbreak, as well as other serious superbugs affecting millions of people around the world, Accelerated Diagnostics’ innovative instrumentation is highly beneficial for researchers, scientists, and medical professionals in fighting the war.

As an in vitro diagnostics company, solutions are provided for the global challenge of drug-resistant organisms, something commended by the Obama Administration in battling antibiotic-resistant bacteria to include Ebola.

According to Larry Mehren, CEO of Accelerate Diagnostics, antibiotic stewardship within the healthcare realm is critical for fighting life-threatening infections but also lowering the high cost of treatment. Accelerate Diagnostics fully supports President Obama’s initiative in promoting stewardship in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Early bacterial identification and determination of susceptibility to specific antibiotics, provides doctors critical information in using correct existing antibiotics, as well as new antibiotics still being developed. Ultimately, this combination allows medical professionals to target the right bacteria using the appropriate drug.

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