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Hitler Teapot Generating Big Sales at J.C. Penney

J.C. Penny’s Hitler teapot has seen strong sales despite being in the middle of an internet controversy.

Artist Michael Graves is one of American’s best-known architects but this time, he’s making news for a teapot.

Can you see the likeness of Hitler in the image? It’s kind of like seeing the Virgin Mary in graffiti under a bridge but critics believe it’s a striking resemblance. There was so much outcry over a billboard with the teapot on it that J.C. Penney took it down.

But once again proving that even negative headlines make money, the teapot is a big seller at J.C. Penney’s (NYSE: JCP) new home stores.

Figures show that in one week, 1,600 teapots were sold. That’s certainly not a huge number by modern sales metrics but how many people are buying teapots anymore?

When the billboard came under fire, J.C. Penney briefly pulled the teapots off the shelves causing an eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) frenzy. The Hitler teapot that normally sell for $40 in J.C. Penney stores were going for as much as $200 on eBay.

“We could change it. We could change the colors, various things very easily. They didn’t want it to be anything like Target’s, so that’s why we didn’t. They considered that. With sales the way they are, this will die down,” Graves said.

Disclosure: As of this writing, Tim Parker had no position in any of the equities mentioned.

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