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Android Becoming To Complicated for Low Cost Development – Digitimes

8497636527_de935f0e2b_bDigitimes published a story Monday saying that Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)’s Android platform is getting too big for low cost development. According to the article, as the platform has grown in complexity and size, it has become more difficult for hardware manufacturers to produce low-cost phones that will run the operating system.

Entry-level hardware can still function smoothly with older Android operating systems, but the performance and features of older versions are no longer suitable for current demand.

Because of the increasing demands of the OS, hardware manufactures are looking to other open source alternatives like FireFox OS, Tizen, MeeGo and even Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows Phone.

Equally notable, Digitimes said that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL)’s iOS is better equipped to handle lower cost hardware than Android. This report seems to contradict that notion that the Android OS is the “every man’s” OS while iOS has a disadvantage because of cost.

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