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United Has Confirmed Some 777s Will Have 10-Abreast Seating

United Airlines is going to retrofit 19 of its fleet of 74 Boeing 777s into domestic, high-density configuration that would include seating of 10-abreast in its economy area, said the carrier in a recently publish industry publication.

United will make the change to 9 of its 777s that already are used domestically, mostly on flights that go to Hawaii.

The other 10 of the 777s that will be retrofitted will shift from long-haul routes that are international, a decision that comes as the new Boeing 787 for the carrier also known as the Dreamliner picks up more of that type of flying.

The move by United to seating 10-across in its coach cabin in its 777s has echoed a broader trend in the industry for the popular wide body.

Boeing said that airlines ordering that aircraft have requested seating of 10-across on close to 50% of the 777s that were delivered in 2015. That is up from 30% during 2008, according to one jet maker in the U.S.

Even amongst carriers in the U.S., American flies some 777s with the 10-abreast seating in coach. Emirates, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Air France and KLM are amongst the global carriers that fly some of their fleet of 777s with 10-abreast seating in their coach area.

Where United is concerned, the update of the 19 aircraft will start in May and will increase their capacities to 364 that include 335 in its coach section and 28 in business. That is an increase of 20 seats over a comparable 777 that is currently used by United on its domestic routes out of Hawaii.

As was rumored, the layout in coach will feature the seating of 10-across in a configuration of 3-4-2. Currently, the domestic configuration at United for the 777s seats nine across in a row of 2-5-2.

United expects that all 19 of the planes will have changes made to them by May of 2017.

The 777s that remain for United on international routes will continue to use 9-across seating in its coach section. Those aircraft will hold 269 people

While economy will be refigured on 777s from 9 across to 10 across, there will be certain upgrades. United will have installed power outlets throughout that cabin, including in coach.

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  1. Karl

    March 10, 2016 at 4:19 am

    Great, now you’ll be squeezed even more, but you’ll have a power outlet!!!