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Over a Half Million Boycott Target for Policy of Transgender Bathroom

1A conservative, activist Christian group has over half a million signatures from people who have pledged to boycott shopping at Target over the company’s transgender bathroom policy.

American Family Association started the petition on Wednesday that raised concerns that the inclusive stance by Target on transgender rights will encourage sexual predators and will put women and younger females in great danger, since a man will only have to say he feels like he is a woman and enter their restroom

The boycott has over 517,000 signatures as of early afternoon on Monday, marking it as one the top campaigns of the AFA.

Tim Wildmon the AFA President said the response by supporters was the quickest ever. He attributed the viral nature of the protest to the fact everybody is aware who Target is and the issue is an easy one to understand.

Wildmon said that Target could lose a huge number of customers who will not return, but that the retailer thus far has not changed its policy.

A spokesperson from Target said the company respected that there are many different opinions and perspectives on the issue. However, as a company that stands firmly behind what it means in offering the team at Target an inclusive place to work, as well as our guests an inclusive place in which to shop, we believe this is the correct thing for Target.

The Target spokesperson added that there are hundreds of the company’s stores that have family, single-stall restrooms for those who are more comfortable in that situation.

Target went public with its position in a post on its blog last week, stating the company welcomed its team members as well as guests that are transgender to use the fitting rooms or restroom facilities that correspond with their gender identify.

This announcement has come as legislation on issues dealing with transgender across multiple states spurred several large businesses and corporations to take a big stand on the rights of the LGBT community.

Deutsche Bank stopped its planned addition of 250 jobs in North Carolina after that state passed legislation that requires transgender people to use the public bathrooms that associate with one’s gender at birth.

Tulelo, Mississippi based AFA is a non-profit that protests frequently on issues that target what it calls traditional family values.

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