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Enjoy Is Now in Los Angeles

The startup e-commerce company headed by Ron Johnson the former executive at Apple arrived in Los Angeles its first new market in close to one year with plans of continuing to expand.

Johnson is well known for developing the look of the iconic Apple stores while the retail operations head at the Cupertino, California company and for nearly ruining retailer J.C. Penney as its CEO for what turned out to be a very short stint.

This time around, Johnson is the CEO and founder of Enjoy the electronics retailer online, which hand delivers as well as helps to set up the devices for its customers.

In May, he launched the startup, but services to date have only been available in two markets – New York City and San Francisco.

After carrying out tests in the two locations for close to one year, Johnson said Enjoy was ready to begin expanding into more areas.

The company, which currently has 150 employees, began serving the market of Los Angeles Monday and plans to open in Chicago during May.

The company, based in Menlo Park, California said on Monday that it has added American Express to a list of close to two dozen partners, which will allow customers of AmEx to use the delivery of Enjoy as part of its reward program for members.

Enjoy sells tech products that are high-end such as GoPro cameras, Apple iPads and Sonos speakers. The big twist is that following the purchase of the new electronics’ gadgets, the product is hand-delivered for no charge by an expert for Enjoy who spends one hour setting the device up and offering instructions and tips on its use.

Despite the additional services, Enjoy products, said Johnson, do not generally cost any more than the same items from retailers that are competitors such as Amazon or Best Buy.

That is due to Enjoy making up for the additional cost by not having any stores and through keeping an inventory that is lean, added Johnson.

Partners including AT&T and the aforementioned American Express offer service by Enjoy free to their customers but pay Enjoy for each purchase their customers make on Enjoy.

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