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Black Friday: Big Differences in 2014

black fridayCompared to last year, experts believe there will be a number of differences for the 2014 Black Friday shopping experience. Although this is the busiest shopping of the day throughout the United States, every season is somewhat unique. After all, there is new competition, changes in the economy, and varying consumer trends.

For consumers who want an opportunity to purchase great items at huge discounts, it pays to understand what many of the main differences will be for this holiday season. To start, shoppers should pay close attention to the different sneak peek advertisements sent out by retailers. This year, ads are going out earlier, thereby allowing shoppers to make comparisons and plan ahead.

Another change for the 2014 Black Friday season is that there will be more stores that offer guaranteed door busters, which are extremely cheap, small volume deals intended to get shoppers inside stores. This works by shoppers receiving a voucher or wristband that guarantees a particular item, even if supplies run out but with such a limited quantity it is essential to arrive early.

Experts also expect to see retail stores better staffed this year. Although this creates a challenge for employers when creating work schedules, it benefits the shopper. With better staffing, consumers will not stand in line as long and get customer service when trying to locate a specific item.

One of the biggest changes for the 2014 Black Friday season is that both retailers and shoppers will guard credit cards better. Unfortunately, Target’s customer information was breached about this same time last year, bringing the normally high level of confidence down. Because of this, extra precautions will be taken in guarding credit and store purchase cards.

It is also expected that more shoppers will save additional money by using promotions by using a mobile payment system. Both Apple and Google have released new mobile payment systems that have become the rave. For those individuals who use this type of system, companies offer loyalty rewards and promotions.

Discounted shipping is also expected to be offered more this year. For select businesses, the US Postal Service cut shipping costs by as much as 58%. In return, this could prompt more shipping discounts from retailers.

Specific to 4K televisions, many retailers will sell them for as little as $999 and under. This summer, the television manufacturer, Seiki broke deal records by selling its 39-inch set for just $280 and its 50-inch for $429. However, there will be other manufacturing offering buyers with incredible deals on no-frills 4K televisions.

Finally, there are an increasing number of retailers willing to match prices with Amazon. Because Amazon is known for selling top quality brands at affordable prices, this is a huge deal. Some that have openly announced their willingness to do this are Best Buy, Target, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart but there will be others.

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